Fifth Avenue’s heroic Civil War monument

A vintage postcard depicts the equestrian statue of William Tecumseh Sherman and Winged Victory at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street at Central Park.

In 1906, and Fifth Avenue is still a millionaire’s row lined with great Gilded Age mansions.


“The sculpture of General William Tecumseh Sherman is one of the finest sculptures by the talented American sculptor and New York City resident Augustus St.Gaudens,” notes the Central Park Conservatory website.

“In 1892 St. Gaudens modeled a bust of the general who lived in New York after the Civil War. He then created the equestrian sculpture in Paris, France, completing it in 1903.”

Here is another postcard view of the corner, at the entrance to the park.

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3 Responses to “Fifth Avenue’s heroic Civil War monument”

  1. Elizabeth Dobell Says:

    My grandmother lived on Fifth Ave. and 60th St. in the 1950s and writes in her diary of calling the City to complain that the lights on Sherman at night were shining too brightly into her apartment!

  2. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    I hope they accommodated her!

  3. Says:

    Yes beautiful 5th Avenue especially at Christmas, is like another world outside of mine . Really appreciate the old postcards!

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