Old Times Square, blazing in color at night

There’s old Times Square—the 1960s and 1970s sleazy version. And then there’s the real old Times Square, in the early decades of the 20th century, when millions of lights illuminated the city’s primary entertainment district until dawn.


Something about this stretch of New York at this time in history makes it seem exciting, passionate, alive. This Times Square feature streetcars, a Greyhound bus station, cigarette ads . . . and no public pedestrian plaza.

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2 Responses to “Old Times Square, blazing in color at night”

  1. P. Gavan Says:

    I love to see the color “photos” from Old New York. Usually all we see are black-and-white photos, which makes it look like everything was so dark and dreary in those days. I sometimes “forget” that there was color back then!

  2. Bob_in_MA Says:

    Would that have been taken from the old NYTimes building?

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