Bold shapes and colors of a 1930s El station

Francis Criss’ “Third Avenue El” depicts an austere elevated station in 1933 devoid of people and trains. The coolness of the design contrasts with the warmth of colors.


Criss, usually described as a precisionist painter, created Depression-era urban cityscapes marked by bold colors and geometric shapes.

The subjects of these two downtown New York paintings still look the same almost a century later.

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3 Responses to “Bold shapes and colors of a 1930s El station”

  1. SC Says:

    There’s another wonderful Criss painting of a subway station here:

  2. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Thanks! I’m really getting into his work, each painting becomes more interesting to me the more I study them.

  3. chas1133 Says:

    great lines and colors…I’m just not sure if it resonates the city for me…

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