New York City’s other Washington Bridge

There’s no scandal surrounding this lovely, smaller-scale steel-arch bridge, which links Washington Heights to the Bronx.

This postcard is undated, but it depicts a very sleepy Upper Manhattan.


The Washington Bridge isn’t very well known and gets little love by New York residents.

But it should. It opened to pedestrians in 1888 and vehicles in 1889, making it older than its similarly named, much bigger counterpart by a good 40-odd years!

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4 Responses to “New York City’s other Washington Bridge”

  1. FDR Says:

    A City Councilman has introduced a bill to rename the Washington Bridge after former Mayor David Dinkins.

  2. velvethead Says:

    God, no

  3. T.J. Connick Says:

    Photographer was perched upon the High Bridge, facing north. Manhattan island to the left, the mainland to the right. Shot was made before work commenced on the Harlem River Speedway, so it could have been made during the bridge’s early days.

    See on the right the train tracks of the NY Central’s Hudson division and the NY City and Northern (reorganized as the NY and Putnam in 1894).

    Thanks for running a participatory site; you’ve got the perfect touch for making the city’s past come to life.

  4. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Thank you TJ; it is always good to hear from you and get your thoughts and expertise!

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