The Mets fan who parachuted into Shea Stadium

MichaelsergiostudiousmetsimusIt happened during the first inning of Game 6 of the World Series, in October 1986.

The Mets had taken the field; pitcher Bob Ojeda had just thrown the ball to catcher Gary Carter. The crowd of 55,000 at Shea was pumped and excited.

All of a sudden, something, or someone, came out of the sky. A man in a white jumpsuit with a parachute on his back glided into the infield.

He touched down carrying a homemade “Go Mets” banner. After scoring a high-five from Ron Darling and enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, he was escorted off the field by cops. Who was this rabid and fearless fan?

AP86102501051.jpgMichael Sergio was an actor in his 30s living in Midtown, who made the jump from a plane into the Queens nighttime sky to show his support, he told a New York Mets sports blog in 2011.

That night, he watched the Mets win the game at the police station. The next day, a judge released him on his own recognizance.

He later pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and paid a $500 fine for his spectacular descent into Shea, which is preserved forever on YouTube.


Can you imagine if this happened today? Sergio would be tackled by stadium security and federal agents and be thrown in federal prison!

“Shea under the lights was the most beautiful sight imaginable, like a crystal-green pool,” Sergio told Sports Illustrated in a 1989 article about his famous jump, which foreshadowed an incredible game and series.

RIP Shea Stadium.

[Top photo: Studious Metsimus; middle: New York Post; bottom: New York Daily News]

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11 Responses to “The Mets fan who parachuted into Shea Stadium”

  1. chas Says:

    So sad to see the iconic stadiums moved aside in the name of ticket sales and other revenue. Understandable but sad.

    • Dave Says:

      Mets fans loved Shea Stadium. I, for one, would take Shea over Citi Field any day. But although Shea might have been iconic to New Yorkers, it was far from being a gem baseball-wide. That said, other stadiums of the era were far worse and deserved to meet the wrecking ball. Ask fans in Philly, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Seattle, and Minneapolis, and several others if they prefer the multipurpose, symmetrical, concrete, astroturf stadiums they used to have over the “retro” parks they enjoy now.

  2. erik hendrickson Says:

    The YouTube video you’ve linked to is actually from the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1986 World Series win (note the insignia on the field at the end of the clip).

    The original jump can be seen here:

  3. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    And you don’t see stunts like these anymore because of heavy security.

  4. realeyezlife Says:

    i was there when that happened..i never screamed so loud in my life

  5. Mike Sergio Says:

    My jump into Game 6 was a fun experience for every New Yorker. The fans loved it and the “1986 World Series” turned out just perfect for the Mets. Gotta’ love it… Go Mets!!!

    Thank you “Ephemeral New York” for posting this!!!

    BTW – here’s a little more background on the jump for those who might be interested. Enjoy!

    • Dave Says:

      This was a spectacular moment during a spectacular World Series that Mets fans won’t ever forget.

  6. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Thank you Mike for writing in!

  7. John G Says:

    I was just walking thro a tunnel on the upper deck first base side when I saw this guy coming down in the parachute. It’s one of my favorite memories ever, along with several others from this single great event. Thanks Mike.

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