A faded apartment ad on a Murray Hill building

The white-brick residence at 155 East 38th Street doesn’t appear to be any different than the hundreds of others like it in Manhattan.


Except for one thing: the north side of the building sports a super old-school ad for apartment vacancies—air-conditioned, from 1 to 4.5 rooms!

The old OR exchange stood for ORchard, indicating a Lower East Side realty office ORegon.

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2 Responses to “A faded apartment ad on a Murray Hill building”

  1. Bruce R. Gilson Says:

    You’re wrong about the telephone exchange. There never was an ORchard 9 exchange. ORchard 4 was pretty much the only ORchard exchange (I remember that one, it was my own home exchange in the period when I lived on Henry Street in the Lower East Side, about 1950), though for a short period of time there was an ORchard 7 exchange (only in the late 30s, from about 1936 to about 1939).

    The OR 9 exchange in the ad was ORegon. The ORegon exchanges were established in the late 1940s, so the ad could be from no earlier than 1948.

  2. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Noted! Thanks for the fix.

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