Browsing the Flat Iron Restaurant menu, 1906

Since it opened in 1902, much has been written about the Flatiron Building, the triangular beauty that helped usher in New York’s 20th century skyscraper era.


The Flat Iron Restaurant and Cafe, though, seems to be lost to the ages.

By 1906, Madison Square was no longer a desirable residential neighborhood for the city’s elite, as it had been earlier in the Gilded Age.

It was now a bustling commercial district, and that seems to be reflected in the menu offerings, which include an incredible selection of not-expensive shellfish, meats, and sandwiches.


I wonder if any contemporary city restaurant will bring back things like clear green turtle in a cup, eels in jelly, and breaded calf brains?

The rest of the four-page Flat Iron menu can be found here.

[Images: NYPL Digital Gallery]

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5 Responses to “Browsing the Flat Iron Restaurant menu, 1906”

  1. Mykola Mick Dementiuk Says:

    Here’s an old Man From UNCLE pic, on the left is an old building that burned down, had a great pool hall in the basement

  2. Rich T Says:

    Was the restaurant actually in the Flatiron Building, or named for its proximity?

  3. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Good question…I don’t know.

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