A spooky Gothic skyscraper next to Trinity Church

Well, skyscraper by 1905 standards. That’s the year the 21-story Trinity Building finished construction.

Designed as a Neo-Gothic complement to Trinity Church on Lower Broadway, it’s loaded with gargoyles and creepy human faces, as well as fanciful gables and moldings topped by a gorgeous cupola.


This vintage postcard doesn’t reveal all the incredible detail on the facade, but it’s a nice look at Broadway in 1910, I’m guessing.

The cemetery next door is so tourist-free and green, it looks like a lawn. And hey, streetcars!

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6 Responses to “A spooky Gothic skyscraper next to Trinity Church”

  1. Frank Says:

    The “spooky Gothic skyscraper” is now the site of many NYU Langone Hospital offices and out-patient treatment areas. Additionally, the offices of the Heisman Trophy are located on the first floor; the building lobby is magnificently beautiful. Brooks Brothers was located in the building’s northeast corner for many, many years until they moved to Liberty Plaza (Liberty Street and Trinity Place) in the 1980’s(?), and Occupy Wall Street recently had its “headquarters” in Zucotti Park which is to the immediate north of the building.

  2. Walk About New York Says:

    Thanks for pointing out that this building has gargoyles and faces. I just love the faces that are on buildings. I will have to add them to my collection of photos of building faces.

  3. George Laszlo Says:

    The building actually has two lobbies since there are two main entrances. I always thought of that these were actually two separate buildings because of this feature. And yes, the lobbies are magnificent and shows how unimaginative our modern buildings happen to be. It’s a pleasure to walk into this lobby if you can get past the guards.

  4. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Getting past the guards is tough–they wouldn’t let me in. Worth a try though because the building is stunning.

  5. Mykola Mick Dementiuk Says:

    Here’s a blog about the building http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2011/09/art-deco-skyscraper-of-week-trinity.html

  6. trilby1895 Says:

    You can get past the guards if you have a verifiable appointment to keep in the building and produce a photo ID card. Walking through the lobby is an inducement for me to keep doctors’ appointments.

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