Wining, dining, and celebrating at Little Hungary

On a stretch of East Houston Street nicknamed “Goulash Row” for its Hungarian restaurants was a place called Little Hungary, an improbable haunt of the city’s elite and tourists in the pre-Prohibition city.


Little Hungary featured “the atmosphere of Budapest, of gay nights on the Danube, of the Rhapsodies of Liszt” as well as goulash handed out as part of a free lunch with an order of glass of beer, wrote the New York Times.

Little Hungary hosted a wild and festive dinner for Teddy Roosevelt in 1905, after he won the presidency a year earlier. The Eighteenth Amendment in 1920, however, put an end to the place.

[Postcard: 1910, MCNY]

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5 Responses to “Wining, dining, and celebrating at Little Hungary”

  1. suzan zaro Says:

    nothing Hungarian exits in New York anymore

  2. Archivist Klara Says:

    I have written up something about Little Hungary a few years ago here:

  3. Lost Neighborhoods of New York: Goulash Row Says:

    […] a popular spot that postcards were sold featuring scenes of their renowned dinners (the fantastic Emphemeral New York blog recently posted an image of one, which is where I first learned of the restaurant and Goulash Row). And aside from offering the […]

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