Times Square before it became Times Square

Here’s a look at Times Square in 1900, seven years before the neighborhood became famous for the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop—and in fact, before it was even called Times Square.


At the time, the nexus of avenues that would soon be dubbed the Crossroads of the World was known as Longacre Square, the sleepy center of the city’s carriage industry.

By the turn of the 20th century, New York’s theater district had edged up against the area—see the burlesque house on the left. In four years, the New York Times would relocate to that spot in the center of the card.

And starting in 1907, New Year’s Eve in New York would never be the same.

[Photo: MCNY]

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3 Responses to “Times Square before it became Times Square”

  1. Lady G. Says:

    Fantastic photo. I’d hate to have that guy in the middle’s job. And as an added insult, if that’s a uniform, they make him wear all white.:p

    I never realized how it got its name. It’s connected to the New York Times. The streets were so huge then.

  2. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    I’m guessing he was one of the White Wings–the army of sanitation men who set out to clean the city’s notoriously filthy streets and present an image of cleanliness. Hence the all-white uniform!

  3. Times Square before it became Times Square – Reading Other People Says:

    […] via Times Square before it became Times Square — Ephemeral New York […]

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