Cornelia Street has barely changed in a century

Okay, Cornelia Street today is a little different—the Sixth Avenue El no longer rattles by and casts a dark shadow over the northern end of the street.


But otherwise, doesn’t this one-block lane, tucked between West Fourth and Bleecker Streets, still look the same as it does in this John Sloan painting from 1920?

Sloan had a studio in the Flatiron-style tower in the center, officially called the Varitype Building. He often painted Sixth Avenue and Cornelia Street—like this scene of three women drying their hair on a Cornelia Street rooftop.

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4 Responses to “Cornelia Street has barely changed in a century”

  1. calijones Says:

    I really like that painting.

  2. Dymoon Says:

    I love the flash backs to another time, this post provides.. thank you

  3. marialisella Says:

    Hey Gang, This is where the Italian American Writers Association still carries on its 26th year of literary readings .. on this very street that has not changed much … Cornelia Street Cafe next up in Jan. 14 2nd Sat. of course with Brian Fanelli (New York Quarterly Books) and Phillip Giambri Rimes of the Ancient Mariner host of series Threeofcups… Join us won’t you?

  4. Bob Dal Says:

    I lived there 20 years ago. Yes the facades are very much the same. But, the costs have skyrocketed. I had bought a 400sf studio coop for 75k in a walkup. It would probably sell for 600k now. Every storefront changed within 4 years. Tourist buses all the time started. I understand Taylor Swift rented a converted carriage house for 40k/month recently there. But yes, the painting is lovely and it still looks pretty much like that. I moved after 5 years.

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