Elizabeth Street’s old-school meat market signs

On trendy Elizabeth Street in the Little Italy rechristened Nolita, two vintage meat store signs harken back to the days when Sicilian-owned businesses lined the streets and butchers did a good trade in live chickens and rabbits.


Albanese Meats & Poultry looks abandoned, while Moe’s Meat Market across the street has been transformed into gallery space.


The 1960s and 1970s-esque signs remain, just like this ghostly Italian bakery sign (over an antiques store) farther down the block.

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10 Responses to “Elizabeth Street’s old-school meat market signs”

  1. S.S. Says:

    Some of these Elizabeth Street signs may be original, like Albanese’s, but many on Elizabeth and Prince area are faux, installed for one of the Godfather movies. The store owners just left them up. I heard this about 20 years ago, and a close look seems to confirm it.

  2. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Wow, I had no idea. Thanks S.S.

    • S.S. Says:

      I recall now that it was someone who lived on Elizabeth Street who told me that at the time, when I was commenting on the “old” signs.
      So I took a closer look and you could see many lacked “authenticity”.
      I haven’t looked in years.

      I just google mapped the street and I see all the signs that had been still extant in the 90s have been removed. Probably the new stores took them down. There were about half a dozen.

      I believe Albanese’s may be historical since the butcher shop has been there forever, but I have my doubt about “Moe’s Meat Market”.

      Does anyone remember whether there really was a Moe’s that sold meat there?

  3. Kenny Says:

    In the Godfather movie the Olive Oil Company, where Brando is shot buying oranges, was on Mott Street.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    They used to slice veal for spidini as thin as paper. Mother & son!

  5. Ed Newman Says:

    Albanese is/was for real. I hope Mr. Albanese is still operating it. He was a few years back.

  6. chas Says:

    When Little Italy was…

  7. chas Says:

    Some research says Albanese was Moe….

  8. Mark Romano Says:

    The olive oil store in the Godfather was named Genco’s Olive Oil Company I believe. I have no idea if there is any connection to:

  9. Christmas in the tenements in the Gilded Age | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] whole section of Elizabeth Street is given up to the sale of stale fish at ten and fifteen cents a pound, and the crowd of Italians, […]

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