A Tribeca spaghetti sauce ad returns to view

Ragu has been mass producing its popular tomato sauces since the 1940s. But I’d guess this wonderfully preserved full-color ad for Ragu spaghetti sauce dates to the 1970s.

It’s on the side of a restaurant on Sixth Avenue just below Canal Street. What a visual treat, coincidentally near the once-thriving Little Italy in Soho and Greenwich Village, where store-bought sauce might be considered an insult!

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5 Responses to “A Tribeca spaghetti sauce ad returns to view”

  1. Roger Brosius Says:

    Lately I cannot open the accompanying images, whereas on all other blogs I can. This is what I get :

    This site can’t provide a secure connection

    ephemeralnewyork.files.wordpress.com sent an invalid response.

  2. thaddeus buttmunch Says:

    Ragu SUCKS. I’ll take Prego or a Local Brand.

  3. Lady G. Says:

    Even though Ragu is considered one of the “cheap” brands these days, that’s a cool sign. It must’ve been painted when the sauce became very popular.

  4. RM Says:

    Yes, Ragu is an insult to Italians, along with every other jarred sauce.

    I love the old signage though, really takes you back to a bustling diverse city that made things.

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