This is the coolest coffee sign in New York City

In a city with almost as many coffee places as bank branches and most of them bearing chain store logos, it’s hard to believe that this wonderfully generic plastic sign hasn’t been replaced . . . or fallen off.

It’s on West 21st Street west of Fifth Avenue, advertising a slender coffee house that consists of basically a long counter and chairs—the kind a different New York used to have on almost every block.

Except for the ATM machine by the door, nothing about this storefront seems to have changed in half a century; it’s a sliver of the city frozen in time.

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5 Responses to “This is the coolest coffee sign in New York City”

  1. Carl Reddick Says:


  2. Dan Says:

    This place is also perfectly preserved (probably from the 70s) inside as well- it’s a real throwback to an earlier time. Their burgers are also really good.

  3. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Thanks! I’m curious to try one now.

  4. Steven Otero Says:

    Closed as of March 31 2017

  5. Steven Otero Says:

    Alyshia & Aleem’s Coffee Shop (AKA: A&A Coffee Shop)

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