A faded Greenwich Village sign goes back in time

Has this metal sign advertising a land auction really been posted on a building at Greenwich Street and West 12th Street since 1963?

Considering the faded lettering and typeface, it certainly seems to have been.

It’s easier to read in person, but the sign appears to notify the public about some real estate being auctioned off at the Statler Hilton — aka, the Hotel Pennsylvania — on February 7, 1963.

Apparently real-estate auctions there were regular events held by the city. A New York Times notice of one on March 8, 1862, explains that 182 city-owned properties found new owners during a two-day auction.

If only we could go back in time and buy New York property on the cheap, wait out the next few decades, and enjoy what today would likely be a real estate goldmine.

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8 Responses to “A faded Greenwich Village sign goes back in time”

  1. Penelope Bianchi Says:

    If only!! And keep all the great cars we had! We could sell these things for fortunes today!
    wonderful post!

  2. Adrian A Lesher Says:

    Foreclosed houses are still sold by auction. In Brooklyn, these often take place on the Supreme Court, Civil Term steps at 360 Adams Street.

  3. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    Thanks! Odd that it’s been there for more than 50 years and no one bothered to take it down, but that’s very old-school West Village.

  4. Velvethead Says:

    Cool find.

  5. trilby1895 Says:

    Re your final paragraph: I would buy, wait out decades, and then not sell anything but preserve every single old building in perpetuity no matter how “unhistorical”, insignificant.

  6. Doug Says:

    Building in photo is 799 Greenwich STREET corner of 12th.

  7. gormleylawofficeblog Says:

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