Surf Avenue lit up by electricity and moonlight

It’s a full moon on this summer night along Surf Avenue at Coney Island. It’s the late 1920s, electricity is illuminating restaurant and theater marquees; cars and trolleys cruise the road.

There’s a Nedick’s, the old hot dog chain, and a chop suey place, serving that invented Chinese dish. The moon shines bright over the Cyclone, which must have been just built; it dates to 1927.

[Postcard: MCNY; X2011.34.2119]

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2 Responses to “Surf Avenue lit up by electricity and moonlight”

  1. Moskovitz Herb Says:

    Harold Lloyd’s classic 1928 comedy, SPEEDY, has an extended sequence that takes place on Coney Island and shows quite a number of the rides and attractions. Many other scenes were shot in New York. You can find an excellent print on YouTube.

  2. David H Lippman Says:

    Many of the trolley poles survive at the request of the local community, which wanted to hang banners from them at appropriate times of the year.

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