A 1970s yellow store sign hangs on in Midtown

How long has Phil’s Stationery been at 9 East 47th Street, a low-rise gritty stretch between the gleaming towers and hotels north of Grand Central Terminal?

I’m not sure, but that mac and cheese yellow sign with the partly cursive lettering feels like it’s from the early 1970s.

Something’s missing from it, though. The sign used to say “Zerox Copies.”

In the last decade, as 47th Street went from the edge of the Diamond District to a side street adjacent to Little Brazil, that charming misspelling was removed.

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10 Responses to “A 1970s yellow store sign hangs on in Midtown”

  1. Penelope Bianchi Says:

    Omigod! I remember that sign saying Zerox Copies…..I laughed. No w misspellings are the norm!

  2. keenanpatrick424 Says:

    Good find! Not many stationery stores left.

  3. VirginiaB Says:

    Hey, at least they spelled stationery right–a commonly misspelled word.

  4. Michael Leddy Says:

    It’s a noteworthy store. My wife and I visited in 2015 on the advice of a fellow stationery fanatic. The owner asked if we were from a production company. No, we just love stationery. The store is full of old stuff — Phil’s apparently supplies all sorts of things for prop purposes. (The owner mentioned Mad Men.) I discovered a box of old, old pencils and bought a couple of dozen, priced on the spot at the counter. Like something from a dream.

    Phil’s used to sell Ace combs (the original hard rubber), but they’re long gone, or at least they were when we visited.

  5. keenanpatrick424 Says:

    ‘e’ as in letter

  6. Steven Says:

    The use of the “z” may have been intentional, to avoid trademark infringement.

  7. Bob Says:

    The 1995 Journal of the Board of Education of the City of New York has a listing for “Phil’s Stationery d/b/a P. Podemski Inc. Award.”

    According to the NYS Corporation Database, P. PODEMSKI INC. (at 9 EAST 47TH STREET) was initially filed with the NYS Department of State on October 13, 1966.

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    […] Source: FS – NYC Real Estate A 1970s yellow store sign hangs on in Midtown […]

  10. Andrew Porter Says:

    I used to buy stationery and other office needs at Pelzer Stationers on East 44th Street, between Lex and 3rd. Long gone, I believe.

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