How people dressed at Coney Island in 1896

What would you be wearing if you visited the beach at Coney Island 123 years ago? Wool bathing suits down near the ankles on women; boys in striped tops and knee-length pants.

Straw hats and suit coats for men (like the vendor selling something for a penny each), and sailor tops for boys, as seen on the little kid in the lower right of the photo.

Somehow, this mass of humanity overdressed by our contemporary standards seems to be enjoying the sand and gentle waves at “Sodom by the Sea” as the 19th century comes to a close.

[MCNY Byron Collection]

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9 Responses to “How people dressed at Coney Island in 1896”

  1. Penelope Bianchi Says:

    They look like they are having a “whee” of a time! Wonderful to see people having fun!

  2. thekeystonegirlblogs Says:

    At a loss to know what to do? 15 years later a certain film comic, Mack Sennett, arrived to show them how it’s done!

  3. Frank Schorn Says:

    Not 103 years ago, but 123 years ago!

  4. beth Says:

    how cool – looks like they are really enjoying themselves

  5. Drago Says:

    cool pic!

  6. Shawn Sheppard Says:

    Amazing my Hometown lol…..,

  7. Carline Keil Says:

    Thank you for sharing this interesting story. What a huge difference nowadays! Freedom of expression must have a limit.

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