The 9/11 memorial soaring over Third Avenue

“The Braves of 9/11” appeared on Third Avenue off East 49th Street last year, joining these and other memorial murals on New York City streets.

But artist Eduardo Kobra said this last year after his seven-story mural was unveiled, via Time Out New York: “The image contains details that allude to the historical episode. On the helmet, I wrote the numbers 343. This is a reference to the number of firefighters killed that day.”

“There is also a representation of the Twin Towers, and the flag of the United States. The stars represent all the lives that were lost in the tragedy—which left nearly 3,000 dead. Lastly, the colors have one goal: To pass on a message of life, of a restart, of reconstruction.”

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7 Responses to “The 9/11 memorial soaring over Third Avenue”

  1. Chas Says:

    Nice mural, but it leaves out the NYPD who were heroic and suffered loss as well

  2. Greg Says:

    Kitsch. Too bad, they deserve something good. Something that would honor the cops and other responders as well.

  3. Kenny Says:

    More than a hundred undocumented immigrants –deliverymen, waiters, cleaners, cooks were also killed that day.
    While we remember the families who lost loved ones on September 11th (I feel using digits dehumanizing), we must make a special mention of the families of the immigrants – documented or not – along with people from 77 different countries who perished along with nearly 3,000 other New Yorkers.

  4. George Quinn Says:

    Helluva sculpture to a man madeup circumstance. Can you spell “thermite. Can you spell C-4. Question: Why are the so called hyjackers still alive and one even works for FORD in Cincinatti. Some day this all will be exposed for what it actually was. Thank goodness the assholes who organized 911 will all be dead

  5. Moose Says:

    The Port Authority police lost 37, often overlooked

  6. [Blog Glück] September 2019 – Seitenglueck Says:

    […] von Ephemeral New York gibt es aufgrund des 18. Jahrestags von 9/11 einen Beitrag zu einem der Kunstwerke in der Stadt, die an die Anschläge erinnern.  Außerdem fand ich den Beitrag zum Shakespeare […]

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