The most dazzling luxury apartment ads of 1935

It’s 1935, and you’re a New Yorker who needs a new apartment. The Depression is still raging, but your fortunes are on the upswing, and you’re thinking luxurious digs in Midtown or on the East or West Sides near Central Park.

Looks like you’ve got lots of options. The July 27, 1935 New Yorker (selling for 15 cents!) contains many classy apartment ads toward the back pages. These are the most amenity-packed ads for buildings that still exist and are still quite luxe.

The “most distinguished address in America” is quite a claim, but One Fifth Avenue beside the Washington Arch at Washington Square Park is still a beautiful building. This Art Deco gem was built in 1927.

I’m not sure the Parc Vendome of today still has a swimming pool. But it is an impressive fortress of a building fronting West 57th Street. (And the phone exchange: Circle for Columbus Circle?)

The El Dorado continues to shine on Central Park West, its two towers as impressive as other iconic West Side buildings like the Dakota and the San Remo.

Ten Park Avenue at 34th Street might not sound spectacular. But in the 1930s, this building maintained the hotel-style feel of many early apartment houses. Room service is available, and this one-bedroom pad is only $1300…per year, I believe.

“The trend is toward the river,” proclaims this ad for Southgate, a “fashionable colony” of five Bing & Bing buildings on East 51st and East 52nd Street designed by Emery Roth.

“Set apart from the rest of the town” for “smart New Yorkers”…I’m sold!

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9 Responses to “The most dazzling luxury apartment ads of 1935”

  1. countrypaul Says:

    $1300 per YEAR? On Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue? Are you sure? Even then that seems low for that class of clientele!

    • ephemeralnewyork Says:

      Luckily Douglas Elliman is still in the real estate business…give them a call and check!

    • AZ Says:

      $1300 in 1935 would be $24,949 in today’s dollars. For a month, that would be insanely expensive for a one bedroom for any class of clientele.

      • countrypaul Says:

        My father always said I didn’t know the value of a dollar! Obviously, it was a lot more than I remember it being!

  2. keenanpatrick424 Says:

    Buddy, can you spare 15cents so I can get this week’s

  3. Will Says:

    I really shouldn’t look at old ads for luxury apartments right after I get my rent bill.

  4. Jimmy Rustles Says:

    Love this era of advertising

  5. Blakeney Says:

    just Googled these for pictures of apartments in the buildings as they are now. They’re still lovely, but the rooms are so modernized! Not a sign of decorative moulding anywhere…

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