The magnificence of Macy’s 1902 front entrance

Chances are you haven’t been to Macy’s lately, considering that the flagship Herald Square store has been closed since the pandemic began, and it was also the site of looting during the protests earlier this month.

But with Macy’s set to reopen tomorrow along with other retailers, remind yourself of the grandeur of this iconic New York City emporium by taking a look at what was once the store’s Beaux Arts, gilded front entrance—with its timepiece squarely in the center.

The entrance would have fit in nicely with the architectural styles of 1902, when the Macy’s made the risky leap from a collection of buildings on 14th Street—part of the famed shopping district known as Ladies Mile—to Herald Square.

The other department stores of Ladies Mile are largely gone, but mighty Macy’s is a survivor…just like the city where the store started in 1858 (above).

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17 Responses to “The magnificence of Macy’s 1902 front entrance”

  1. beth Says:

    amazing entrance

  2. Mykola Mick Dementiuk Says:

    What ever happened to the guard dogs at night that would attack if they caught a thief prowling the aisles? They had them in the 1960s or so. Probably Human Rights got involved…

  3. Shankar Subramanian Says:

    Very grand ..

  4. Tom B Says:

    We would shop there when in NYC. They had great mark downs and tremendous variety of clothes. The recent looting reminded me of “Gangs of New York” scene. Macy’s should stop sponsoring the Thanksgiving Day Parade in response to City’s hostilities. Oh yeah, amazing entrance.

  5. kevin bazur Says:

    It’s too bad they “modernized” the interior of Macy’s. All that wonderful wood work covered by glass… AWFUL.

  6. Ty Says:

    Part of the Macy’s sign on 14th Street was faded but visible in the 90s. I wonder if it’s gone or just covered.

    • ephemeralnewyork Says:

      Yes I know the building you are talking about on 14th…the faded letters are gone, RIP.

  7. Shayne Davidson Says:

    Longing for the days when one could drop by Macy’s for a new mantilla!

  8. Kenny Says:

    The most rewarding Macy’s visit includes riding the escalator to the bakery downstairs for a loaf of fresh nine grain bread.
    Thanks for another timely post.

  9. Ty Says:

    I’ve lived in Manhattan for 26 years and one of the four boros since I was born. If all I knew of NYC is what the play on basic cable I wouldn’t come here either.

  10. richie stoike Says:

    worked here for 33 years. richie in advertex,

  11. The modest 1924 beginning of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Parade | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] New Yorkers know what to expect from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: towering balloon characters, marching bands, elaborate floats, and Santa Claus waving from his sleigh as the procession inches from Central Park West and 77th Street to Macy’s iconic Herald Square store. […]

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