What New Yorkers wore to Coney Island in 1879

“Beach Scene,” by Samuel S. Carr, is your portal into what people looked like when they visited a pristine, boardwalk-free Coney Island in 1879.

It won’t be long before placid beach scenes like this are replaced by throngs of city residents looking for fun and adventure, and Sodom by the Sea is born.

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6 Responses to “What New Yorkers wore to Coney Island in 1879”

  1. Tom B Says:

    Do New Yorker’s still go to the beach? The last summer day I was at Coney Island was mostly tourists and hardly anyone on the beach.

  2. beth Says:

    wow, so interesting. my brother is a winter polar bear swimmer on coney island.

  3. Shayne Davidson Says:

    I wonder how that photographer kept the sand off his glass plates!

  4. Bill Wolfe Says:

    Wow! So different from this later painting of Coney Island.


  5. John Cooper Says:

    Interesting to see that the group of people to the left includes a black couple. They are watching a puppet show—possibly ‘Punch and Judy’ now thought of as essentially British but which did exist in America in the 19th Century.

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