The steam pipe repair crew fixing New York at night

Born in New York City in 1901, painter Dines Carlsen made a name for himself as a still life and landscape painter. Here he made nighttime New York City his landscape, focusing on the men called out to do the rough work of fixing steam pipes while most of the city sleeps.

“Steam Pipe Repair Crew” is undated, and I’m not sure where it’s set. Though the scene takes place likely in the first half of the 20th century (based on the clothes and truck), it depicts a situation that occurs multiple times every night, night after night, somewhere in New York—people doing their jobs out of sight under darkness, when most of us are unaware.

[Cavalier Galleries]

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7 Responses to “The steam pipe repair crew fixing New York at night”

  1. beth Says:

    I love this one

  2. chas1133 Says:

    Me too! The winter scenes of Guy C. Wiggins are beautiful. I would love to own one…

  3. countrypaul Says:

    Looks like the original WTC in the background. Was the artist still working in the 1970s? And the truck is essentially timeless; box trucks are still everywhere. But yes, a typical unheralded NYC scene.

  4. Bob Says:

    sketch of the artwork here:

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