A Herald Square faded ad for a haberdashery takes you to the 1920s

When Weber & Heilbroner moved into the Marbridge Building at 34th Street and Sixth Avenue in 1923, this men’s clothing company had already established itself as a leading haberdashery—with stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle earlier that year.

Could this enormous faded ad looming over Sixth Avenue for the Marbridge store date back that far?

It’s hard to believe, but it certainly is appropriately faded and has an old-timey feel, with the words under the company name reading “Stein-Bloch Clothes in the New York Manner.” (Stein-Bloch was a manufacturer of men’s suits and coats.)

Weber & Heilbroner stores shut down for good in the 1970s, but this glorious ad in Herald Square refuses to let New York forget the men’s hats, suits, and overcoats they were known for through the 20th century.

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4 Responses to “A Herald Square faded ad for a haberdashery takes you to the 1920s”

  1. countrypaul Says:

    I think the ad survives thanks to the brilliantly-colored holdout building on the corner. Both are two more reasons to love New York….

  2. velovixen Says:

    Countrypaul–I agree.

    I believe that if I were to utter the words “haberdashery” or “milliner” to anyone much younger than me, they’d think I was talking gibberish.

  3. AEB Says:

    I love these old signs for forgotten businesses that you can see in some unexpected places. Makes me nostalgic for my grandparents.

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