Springtime in New York City once meant horse-drawn flower carts

If you want potted flowers in contemporary New York City, you head to a garden center or farmers market. In an earlier Gotham, however, you waited for the flower carts to come, laden with petunias and begonias and other beautiful varieties for replanting in front yards, back yards, and on terraces.

Artist Henry Ives Cobb Jr. was moved enough to capture this scene, somewhere on Fifth Avenue. The date is unclear, but it looks like the flower cart is the only vehicle still pulled by a horse.

[Kaminski Auctions]

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8 Responses to “Springtime in New York City once meant horse-drawn flower carts”

  1. Greg Says:

    30s or 40s I’d guess. The auction house doesn’t even attribute it to the right person.

  2. velovixen Says:

    I love the way that cart bursts with the colors of the plants

  3. petlover1948 Says:

    And no one even heard of “Impatients!”

  4. Richard Kenyon Says:

    Could have been during the war years when the few remaining ice men, junk collectors, milk men and some other local delivery services resorted to horse drawn vehicles, sice they could not get or even use motorized vehicles.

  5. Pat Salzer Says:

    I remember these still appearing in the mid to late 50’s. I lived on the UWS. I think there were vegetable wagons, too, in the summer. The horses would sometimes have straw hats.

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