This Art Deco skyscraper on 57th Street rightfully celebrates itself

The Fuller Building, on Madison Avenue and 57th Street, has racked up some impressive accomplishments.

Topping out at 40 floors, this 1929 masterpiece was one of New York’ first “mixed use” buildings, with the lower floors boasting high ceilings and a distinct design to attract galleries to 57th Street’s active Jazz Age art scene, according to The City Review.

Art is outside the building as well. Above the entrance is a sculpture of workmen framed around a clock and a relief of the cityscape. Construction themes are reflected on the elevators, and the upper floors feature geometric patterns on the facade.

With so much to boast about, why shouldn’t the Fuller Building have large mosaic medallions of itself embossed in the lobby?

Sure “AD 1929” sounds like the owners expect the tower to be in a museum someday. But this icon has every reason to honor itself and decorate the lobby floor with love letters to its own greatness.

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6 Responses to “This Art Deco skyscraper on 57th Street rightfully celebrates itself”

  1. Felinity Says:

    Perhaps A.D. *truly* stands for Art Deco? What a shining gem!

  2. countrypaul Says:

    Another impressive structure competing for attention among so many. My wife and I often comment that so many buildings – perhaps hundred if not thousands – in New York City would be lone tourist attractions or landmarks in any other city; here, they get “lost in the crowd.” Other cities may build bigger or taller, but there is a special “New York-ness” that makes us what we are, and these classics help define us. Thank you for continuing to feature these “highlights among highlights.”

  3. kevin l bazur Says:

    But, it looks like they “modernized” the bottom floors? I hope they didn’t modernize the lobby like the idiot owners of the McGraw-Hill building did. These skyscrapers are soooo much more pleasing to the eye. The stone work, the arches, the craftsmanship, the light that is so warm when reflecting off natural elements. I was walking west on 35th or 36th street the other day. It was overcast and Hudson Yards actually disappeared, as its grayness matched the gray sky. It was wonderful. KB

  4. velovixen Says:

    “I celebrate myself”–Walt Whitman

    New York has distinguished itself, not only by having more skyscrapers than any other city, but also by having skyscrapers that have styles of their own. As an example, the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings are only a few blocks apart, and one edged out the other for the title of the tallest building in the world, but you can’t mistake one for the other.

    I sometimes fear that quality will be lost, as so many glass towers that seem to do little more than gaze into each others’ reflections, are built.

  5. Susan Siskind Says:

    I worked across the street st at 32 E. 57 and admired the Fuller building every day. I miss the Steinway building showroom and
    all the others replaced by skinny cement file cabinets on once elegant 57 St. and others blighting the landscape all.over the upper east side.

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