Join a Walking Tour of Gilded Age Riverside Drive With Ephemeral New York!

This month, I’ll be leading two more fun, insightful walking tours through the New York Adventure Club: “Exploring the Gilded Age Mansions and Memorials of Riverside Drive.”

The tours start at 83rd Street and end at 108th Street. In between we’ll stroll up winding, lovely Riverside Drive and delve into the history of this beautiful avenue born in the Gilded Age, when the Drive became a second “mansion row” and rivaled Fifth Avenue as the city’s “millionaire colony.”

The tours will explore the mansions and monuments that still survive, as well as the incredible houses lost to the wrecking ball. We’ll also take a look at at the wide variety of people who made Riverside Drive their home, from wealthy industrialists and rich business barons to actresses, artists, and writers.

Though the tour covers a lot of territory, we go at a breezy, conversational pace, with a few dips into Riverside Park and then back again on the shady side of the Drive. It’s a wonderful way to experience the history of New York City. All are welcome!

Tickets remain for the Riverside Drive tour for Sunday, August 7—tickets can be purchased here.

Tickets are also available for Sunday, August 21—here’s the link for this date.

Hope to see a great turnout on either of these quiet end-of-summer days!

[Top image: NYPL; second image: Ebay; third image: NY Adventure Club]

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12 Responses to “Join a Walking Tour of Gilded Age Riverside Drive With Ephemeral New York!”

  1. DAVID EVANS/upriverdavid Says:

    I’d love to, if I wasn’t 3K on the other side of our U.S.
    I still do enjoy viewing your site, . Thanks!

  2. lmerdmann27 Says:

    Such a shame there’s no virtual option for those of us not in NYC. Please consider it in the future.

    A serious fan,

    Luise Erdmann

  3. Lady G. Says:

    If I wasn’t living out of state I would’ve signed up to go immediately! Sounds like such a fun, insightful day! I hope everyone enjoys it.

    • ephemeralnewyork Says:

      It would be great to meet you and see you on an upcoming tour, next time you’re back in the Big Apple!

  4. Karabell, David Says:

    Can we bring our well-behaved dog on the tour?

    [Icon Description automatically generated]
    David I. Karabell, Esq.
    28 Liberty street, New York, NY 10005
    212.238.8852 / M 917.538 0300 / Home – 212.873.2881 / http://www.clm.com

  5. Judith Goldman Says:

    I took your Gilded Age tour a few weeks ago and I am writing belatedly to thank you. It was a wonderful … you are a charming and knowledgeable guide.
    And I love ephemeral new york – and look forward to receiving it every Monday – its spirit and range captures the essence of New York . Thank you again.

  6. Suzy Says:

    Looks fantastic! Coming to NY in mid October-will check back to see if you have any tours at that time.

  7. Mark LaPilusa Says:

    Sounds great. We’re over seas for the month, so hoping for another tour in the fall. Thanks.

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