Check out these upcoming talks and tours with Ephemeral New York!

I’m pleased to let everyone know about upcoming tours and a program I’ll be leading this fall. All are open to the public and offer a portal to some of the most dynamic eras in New York City history. It would be wonderful to meet Ephemeral readers at these events!

First, new dates for Ephemeral New York’s popular Riverside Drive walking tour, “Exploring the Gilded Age Mansion and Memorials of Riverside Drive,” are on the calendar in September and early October. The tour starts at 83rd Street and ends at 108th Street.

In between, we’ll stroll the gentle curves of the avenue and delve into the history of this beautiful drive born in the Gilded Age, which became a second mansion row and rivaled Fifth Avenue as the city’s millionaire colony. We’ll look at the mansions that remain, the families and characters who lived there, and the stories told by spectacular monuments.

Tours run from 1 pm to 3 pm and are in conjunction with the New York Adventure Club. Here’s the schedule so far:

Sunday, September 18
Sunday, September 25
Saturday, October 8

On November 9 at 6 pm, I’ll be presenting a Zoom program: “Home Sweet Mansion: A Peek into the Domestic Lives of Gilded Age New Yorkers,” in conjunction with West Side preservation organization Landmark West. Using newspapers, photos, and guidebooks of the era, the program will explore how the upper classes navigated the domestic side of life, why “the servant girl question” was such a vexing topic of the age, and how a staff of maids, coachmen, and other servants managed the households inside the sumptuous mansions and brownstones of the Upper West Side and other areas of Manhattan.

Tickets for this program are not yet available, but I’ll provide a sign-up link and more details when it’s live!

[Top image: New York Adventure Club; second image: NYPL; third image: MCNY, 204627]

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6 Responses to “Check out these upcoming talks and tours with Ephemeral New York!”

  1. Stephen Boatti Says:

    I assume the first tour is Sunday the 18th, not “Saturday.”

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. June Vreeland Maiet Says:

    Both my grandmother and her sister, recent immigrants from Scotland, having only grade school education, worked as domestics for families listed in 1910 census reports of Manhattan, but never spoke of that time of their lives.

  3. RBateman Says:

    Did you mean, Sunday, September 18th?

  4. Deborah L Shaver Says:

    looking forward to it.

  5. Tina Opines Says:

    Ah! Wish I was a New Yorker!!

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