Talks and Tours This Month With Ephemeral New York!

I’m excited to announce a couple of upcoming events in November—hope to see Ephemeral readers and New York City history fans!

Home Sweet Mansion: A Peek Into the Domestic Lives of Gilded Age New Yorkers

Join Ephemeral New York for an insightful look at the 19th century city’s servant class—the people who cleaned the mansions, made the meals, drove the carriages, and managed the households of Gilded Age Gotham.

Using quotes from actual servants, we’ll explore who the servants were, what their lives were like, and the various positions available in the sumptuous mansions and elegant brownstones of the Upper West Side and beyond.

This is a Zoom talk done in conjunction with the historic preservation organization Landmark West! The talk takes place on Wednesday, November 9 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Reserve tickets here.

Exploring the Gilded Age Mansions and Memorials of Riverside Drive

It’s a beautiful time of year to stroll along Riverside Drive’s winding carriage roads from 83rd Street to 107th Street and learn about the avenue’s Gilded Age beginnings—when it rivaled Fifth Avenue as the city’s premier mansion row.

On this New York Adventure Club walking tour, we’ll look at the mansions that remain as well as those lost to time, plus the families and characters who lived in them. We’ll also explore Riverside Drive’s wonderful monuments meant to inspire the city. Tickets are available here.

[First image: MNCY, MNY204627; second image: NYPL; third image: New York Adventure Club]

One Response to “Talks and Tours This Month With Ephemeral New York!”

  1. Oma June Says:

    I may have posted before that my grandmother, May Devine and her sister, Jean came to NYC from Motherwell, Scotland, and appear in the 1905 census as nurse and servant for a family with a 2 year old girl, living at West 113th st, perhaps not far from her home at 908 Nicholson Ave. Then in 1910 May as maid for a very young couple, no children yet at 610 West 113th St, NYC.

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