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The mysterious working men on a Soho building

September 3, 2012

It’s Labor Day weekend, an appropriate time to showcase some lovely and mysterious bas reliefs.

They’re of artisans and workmen, and they decorate a Lower Sixth Avenue building at Watts Street.

The images line the facade. They depict men using pre-machine age tools to measure, mix, and sharpen.

Each one is certainly a testament to humanity’s ingenuity. But why here?

A little digging reveals some background. Designed by architect Ely Jacques Kahn in 1928, the 14-floor Art Deco loft was originally known as the Green Building.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any record of previous early tenants that would shed light on why the bas reliefs were carved there.

A chemistry company? Toolmakers? Fabricators? Tthe images are striking and inspiring, especially in this no-man’s-land of West Soho.

The coolest dress ad on 37th Street

June 20, 2009

Ghost ads of the old garment district can be seen on lots of random midtown buildings, like the side of this one off Seventh Avenue. But few of them have such old-fashioned illustrations!

The top part reads “Gigi Young Originals” and the banner down the right side is “Suzy Perette.”


Lombardy Dresses is described in a 1949 New York Times article as “one of the largest producers in the low-end field.” Suzy Perette was big in the 1960s, known for their “small-waisted, petticoated look,” according to another Times piece.