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Nighttime buying and selling on Allen Street

July 29, 2010

A dress shop, furniture and rugs for sale on the sidewalk, a pretzel vendor—there’s a lot happening on bustling Allen Street in George Luks’ 1905 painting of a Lower East Side street.

Billy the Kid: Native New Yorker

January 10, 2009

Born either William H. Bonney or Henry McCarty in 1859, the notorious outlaw generally associated with the Old West actually got his start in a poor Irish neighborhood on the Lower East Side in 1859.

A 1936 New York Times review of a Billy the Kid biography reports that he lived in Manhattan until he was 3, when his parents migrated to New Mexico. 

billythekid Billy the Kid, in a getup you probably wouldn’t see on the Lower East Side in the 1870s. “He smiled when he killed and his smile made him look pathological, which he probably was,” reports The Encyclopedia of American Crime.









However, Alias Billy the Kid, published in 1986 by Donald Cline, states that Billy was born at 70 Allen Street. His mother was an unwed Irish immigrant, his father a married fruit vendor, and he didn’t make it to the Southwest until he was a teenager.