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The sad cemetery angels of Brooklyn

June 27, 2011

The gentle hills and slopes of Brooklyn’s Evergreens Cemetery are filled with figures of angels: intermediaries between earth and heaven and messengers from God who guard the graves of the dead.

Different angel poses have different meanings. The one above appears to be dropping flower petals, which supposedly symbolizes the spreading of blessings.

Why this angel has its finger to its mouth, I’m not sure. The flowers could indicate a tribute—or that a life in bloom ended too soon.

Not all angels have wings, but perhaps this grief-stricken figure is meant to depict the deep Christian faith of the departed.

Green-Wood Cemetery at the other end of Brooklyn has plenty of haunting angel figures too.

The wrought-iron angels of Ninth Avenue

July 16, 2008

On Chelsea’s grimy 24th Street, a block flanked by the usual bodegas and ethnic restaurants, a nondescript brick tenement walkup happens to have the most lovely decorative balconies. Who took the time to create these angels, and why here?

There’s so much beauty all around us in this city. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find it.