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Eclectic building entrances all over Manhattan

June 10, 2013

New York streets typically contain a mix of lots of different design styles. Doorways and entrances feel distinctive and unique.


I don’t know what 520 W. 22nd Street was before West Chelsea became an art and fashion destination—a factory? warehouse?

But I’ve always admired this metal plate with two twigs framing the address.


This stylized plate, carved with No. 287 & 289, greets residents and visitors at a turn-of-the-century tenement building tucked into West 4th Street in the West Village.


The 14-story apartment house at 45 Gramercy Park North was built in 1927, and the numerals have an Art Deco style. I’ve never seen anything like the beautiful frieze.


Speaking of Art Deco, Kensington House, on West 20th Street in Chelsea, sports it full-on: bright mosaics, sleek curves, and a metal canopy.

The Emery Roth-designed co-op opened in 1937.


St. Luke’s Place is a beautiful street of lovely single-family brownstones on one side only.

The entrance to Number One is a little unkempt; it has a wonderfully spooky, Victorian vibe.