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Battery Park City used to have a sandy beach

July 13, 2020

In 1976, the 92 acres of landfill that would one day become Battery Park City was in place and ready.

Unfortunately New York City—which hoped this new development would help revitalize the lower West Side of Manhattan—was too broke to get construction started until 1980, according to

So until the early 1980s, an actual sandy beach took shape in the shadow of the nearby World Trade Center, an isolated stretch popular with local sunbathers and other beach lovers.

“It was called ‘the beach’ because of the sand dunes on the empty landfill,” Mayor Edward Koch said in 1992, via a 2012 book, Battery Park City: Politics and Planning on the New York Waterfront.

The New York Times ran a wonderful series of photos last year in a story about the beach, which disappeared as construction commenced. But the beach must have been quite lovely while it lasted!

[Top Photo: Marilyn K. Yee/The New York Times; second image: Battery Park City skyline, MCNY, 1990; 2013.3.2.991]