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When the Beatles hit the stage at Carnegie Hall

February 18, 2013

BeatlescarnegiehallposterDuring their brief touring years, the Beatles visited New York to play Shea Stadium, Forest Hills Stadium, and the Paramount Theater.

And they also held concerts at Carnegie Hall—the first rock band to do so.

Two shows were staged there on February 12, 1964, days after the group touched down in the U.S. for the first time at newly christened JFK airport and famously appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

“The Beatles appeared twice that evening at Carnegie Hall, lounging between shows in an elegantly appointed green room that had provided sanctuary to such icons as Tchaikovsky, Ravel, and Judy Garland,” wrote Bob Spitz in The Beatles: The Biography.

“They were totally relaxed, chain-smoking American cigarettes, not at all intimidated about performing at the most prestigious and legendary concert hall in America, if not the world.”


Beatlemania had gripped New York, and 2,900 fans had shown up. During the first show, at 7:45 pm, they screamed and ran up and down the aisles, leaving the band aloof and frustrated.

“There was no way for them to connect during the impenetrable wall of screaming that went up the moment they took the stage,” states Spitz. “After a meteoric appearance, lasting only 34 minutes, the Beatles dropped their instruments and headed for the wings.”