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The tragedy of the “loveliest woman in America”

July 8, 2013

© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationIn 1923, Rosamond Pinchot was a 19-year-old with lots of opportunities in life.

Tall and golden-haired, she lived in a townhouse on East 81st Street and attended exclusive Miss Chapin’s School.

Then, on a ship, she had a fateful encounter. She was returning to New York from a trip to Europe with her mother when theater bigwig Max Reinhardt spotted her.

Reinhardt wanted her as the lead in a play he would be directing on Broadway, The Miracle, about a nun who leaves her convent.

With no dramatic experience, she accepted the offer, skipping her official debut into society in favor of the stage.

Later that year, the play opened at the Century Theater on Central Park West. Rosamond blew everyone away.

Dubbed the “loveliest woman in America,” Rosamond became an It Girl of the 1920s and the toast of Hollywood.

Rosamondpinchot2She played the part for three years and took roles in other productions, until 1926, when she quit acting to do “serious” work.

She tried her hand at a variety of things: She studied history in college, sold real estate, then returned to the stage several times and made her only film appearance in 1935’s The Three Musketeers.

She also got married in 1928 to the grandson of a former Massachusetts governor and had two sons.

The marriage didn’t last—and her separation from her husband in 1936 “deeply affected” her.

Rosamond made her last theatrical appearance in 1937. The next year, at age 33, she committed suicide by poisoning herself with carbon monoxide in her garage on her estate in Long Island.

A note was left behind, but the contents were never divulged.