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Bedford-Stuyvesant’s prettiest cul-de-sacs

May 20, 2010

Atlantic Avenue in Bed-Stuy is one grimy, bustling main drag. You’d never know that just off it are two of the sweetest lanes in all of Brooklyn.

Those would be Alice Court (above) and Agate Court (below), built around 1890 by a Swiss-born factory owner. Alice was his daughter; Agate had something to do with the products he manufactured.

It’s a good thing these lanes are so hidden; it’s helped keep them preserved. The two- and three-story Queen Anne–style houses have eclectic facades, with arched windows, corner turrets, and terra-cotta trim.

“Advertised as ‘perfect gems for quiet, refined families,’ the ‘handsomely decorated’ houses were located ‘just 15 minutes from [the Brooklyn] Bridge’ and featured ‘hard wood floors, cabinet finish, mantel mirrors, [and] tiled hearths’ on ‘private streets’ with ‘lawns [and] fountains, all kept in order by [the] owner,’” states the report that designated Alice and Agate Courts a historic district in 2009.

At left, a 1902 ad for Alice Court  in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Meet the Boys High School braniacs

April 22, 2009

It must not have been easy graduating high school in the middle of the Great Depression, even if you were one of the brainiest kids in your graduating class, as each of these 12 boys must have been. They’re part of Bed-Stuy’s Boys High School class of 1934.


Captions under the photo list the usual smart-kid school activities: tennis, orchestra, captain of the handball team, and something called “study patrol.”

In 1934 they would have been around 18 years old. If any are still alive, they’re in their 90s now. I hope they had good lives.

Boys High School graduates, 1934

May 20, 2008

Look at these kids, graduating high school in January, 1934 (city schools used to do that; they had January graduates as well as June grads). Most headed to college, then they may have gone off to war. What did they make of their lives? Guess we’ll never know.

Boys High School is now Boys & Girls High School on Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant.