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Girls’ High School is a Gothic dream in Bed-Stuy

March 26, 2018

“It is the ambition of every Brooklyn girl after graduating from the public schools to enter the Girls’ High School, where she may enjoy the advantages of advanced education, and be prepared for college or for more immediate concerns of life.”

That was the lead in a New York Times story about Girls’ High in 1895, when Brooklyn was a separate city known for its strong support of public schools.

The postcard at the top of the page gives us Girls’ High as a Victorian Gothic dream building, opened in 1886 at Nostrand Avenue and Halsey Street.

So proud of the school was the newly unified city that they put it on a postcard.

Today the combined Boys and Girls High School is on Fulton Street, and the old Girls’ building is an adult learning center.

[First image: NYPL; second image:]

Boys High School graduates, 1934

May 20, 2008

Look at these kids, graduating high school in January, 1934 (city schools used to do that; they had January graduates as well as June grads). Most headed to college, then they may have gone off to war. What did they make of their lives? Guess we’ll never know.

Boys High School is now Boys & Girls High School on Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant.