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A Williamsburg street corner, 1937 vs. 2009

August 3, 2009

A lovely building graces the corner of Graham and Metropolitan Avenues in 1937. A barber shop occupies a ground-floor storefront, and a two-story ad for Kings Beer and Ale looms large on the facade.


At some point in the ensuring 62 years, the building was encased in siding, its cornices lopped off. (Hmm, why is that kind of siding so popular in Williamsburg? When did it become so fashionable?)


Today, the trolley tracks are gone, the phone wires buried underground, and the street light design has changed.

But a lot looks the same in 2009. The L train entrance remains, a huge ad takes up part of the building’s facade, and the corner has about the same amount of car and foot traffic as it did in 1937.