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A Brooklyn welterweight’s final, deadly fight

May 29, 2010

Raised in the mostly Jewish Brownsville section of Brooklyn in the 1920s, Albert Abraham Davidoff was a hotheaded kid who had a fierce left hook.

A couple of his brothers were part of Murder Incorporated, but he became a welterweight, changing his name to Bummy Davis and fighting some of the top boxers of the 1930s.

He was a colorful, volatile guy who was kicked out of boxing for life in 1940—though later reinstated—for delivering a bunch of below-the-belt punches to an opponent.

In 1945, the 25-year-old was drinking at Dudy’s Tavern, which he had once owned, in Canarsie. Armed robbers burst in and announced a holdup.

Davis used his left hook to fight back against the robbers and managed to chase a few away. But in the chaos he was shot three times. He died sprawled outside the bar.