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The much-maligned city hall post office

July 31, 2010

If you’re into mansard roofs and colonnades, the 1878 federal post office building that once stood at the southern end of City Hall Park was for you.

New Yorkers generally hated it though. As soon as it opened, it was called “Mullet’s Monstrosity” after architect Alfred B. Mullet.

An “architectural eyesore” chimed in the New York Times.

Plans to tear it down were in the works since 1920. But it stood until 1938, unloved, in the shadow of the heralded Woolworth Building across the street.

This postcard, from 1911, shows the building, plus people who look like they’re waiting for the trolley.

The flag at the top and flags in the window are clues that it must be a holiday. Fourth of July, judging by the few umbrellas in the image?