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When everybody shopped at Crazy Eddie

October 22, 2010

Were you living in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s? Then you probably shopped at Crazy Eddie—or at least you remember the prices-are-insane and Christmas-in-July commercials.

The chain, which started with one store in Coney Island, was the place to go for TVs, air conditioners, stereos, boom boxes, calculators, as well as records, tapes, and 8-tracks.

This ad comes from the December 10, 1980 New York Post. The logo looks so old-school; I guess it predates the prices-are-insane guy from the TV commercials.

Like so many other electronics chains, Crazy Eddie had a brief shelf life. There was the mid-1980s legal trouble: an SEC investigation, extradition, and prison sentence for the guy who ran the company.

But Crazy Eddie is remembered pretty fondly. The store even has its own tribute page.

The perfect Christmas present in 1934

December 21, 2009

Radios were kind of like the iPod of the Depression. The December 19, 1934 edition of the Daily News is thick with ads for them—like this model, which features “foreign reception.”

What happened to Spear’s, an appliance store with five locations in the five boroughs?

Sounds like they were the 1930s version of Circuit City, the Wiz, Crazy Eddie, and all the other electronics stores that never seem to last very long.