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A Central park lamp inspired by a German bridge

May 16, 2014

LombardlamptallAcross the street from Grand Army Plaza at the Fifth Avenue and 59th Street entrance to Central Park is a lovely lone lamppost.

Made from cast iron and aluminum, the ornate lamp is only 35 years old—a gift to New York City from the city of Hamburg in Germany symbolizing friendship.

Known as the Lombard Lamp, it draws its inspiration from the beautifully crafted lampposts that have illuminated the Lombard Bridge in Hamburg since the 1870s (photo below).

“The series of lamps that line the bridge have long been beacons at the heart of this vital German city,” states the New York City Parks Department.

LombardlamppostIn 1979, city leaders in Hamburg decided to recreate their famous lamp and give it to New York.

The new lamp “has a lavish base composed of cherubs, garlands, and other decorative features,” notes the Park Department.

“Although it is hollow, the 15-foot lamp weighs more than 1200 pounds, and supports five globe-shaped luminaires.”


With its amber globes and imagery of bridge architecture and sea icons, it’s an enchanting replica—which fits right in with Grand Army Plaza’s Gilded Age celebration of glory and progress and abundance.

[Bottom photo: via Amusing Planet]

The lovely bronze lampposts guarding Bryant Park

November 28, 2013

Bryantparklamppost1Bryant Park—known as Reservoir Square in the 19th century, thanks to the massive distributing reservoir that was once on the site of the New York Public Library Building—has lots of contemporary attractions: an ice rink, holiday shopping kiosks, and a sweet carousel too.

If you find yourself there, take a look at the heavy bronze lampposts that light all the park’s entrances.

They’re pretty impressive, no? These are old-school park lampposts that make it clear you’re about to enter an enchanting little pocket of green amid Midtown’s skyscrapers and office towers.


The ornamentation, the four ram heads, and the clawed feet at the base are unique to Bryant Park. I’m not aware of any other city park has a lamppost quite like it.