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A glimpse of the Beatrice Inn, pre-hipster

August 14, 2008

The hipsterized, ultra-exclusive Beatrice Inn of today used to be an undistinguished neighborhood Italian place, no doorman necessary. The celebrity draw back in the day? It was more like Village writers Dawn Powell and e.e. cummings, not the Olsen twins.

This ad comes from a 1960s Cue magazine. 

“A bit of the old Sixth Avenue El…”

April 20, 2008

Sixth Avenue must have been awfully dark and grimy back in the days of the hulking El. This photo is from 1938. The Jefferson Market clock building and Bigelow’s are still there, of course. But the hideous Women’s House of Detention met the wrecking ball in 1974. 

The Sixth Avenue El was dismantled in 1939 and sold as scrap metal to the Japanese, who supposedly melted it into ammo during World War II. Hence the great e.e. cummings anti-war line, “It took a nipponized bit of the old Sixth Avenue El, in the top of his head, to tell him.” The full poem is here.