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The East Village’s hometown newspaper

June 6, 2008

If you lived in the East Village in the late 1960s, you probably deemed the Village Voice too establishment and picked up The East Village Other, a counterculture paper published from 1965 to 1972.

Layouts were colorful and trippy, and articles included “The Con Ed Con,” “Generation of Draft Dodgers,” and “148 Avenue C: No Heat and a Child With Pneumonia.” Pretty standard alternative fare, plus a comic strip called “Captain High” and a monthly “Slum Goddess” column.

Cover at left by R. Crumb, February 1970. At right, May 1967:

The paper’s first editorial rails against what’s become of the West Village. Hmm, sounds suspiciously familiar to what they say today:

“During the past five years the West Village has grown into a side show of gnawing mediocrity and urban renewal producing an exodus of its authentic population (young artists, poets, and writers) who have been thrown off by creeping tourism and rising rents, leaving the West Village to professional bohemians, beatniks, and Mad Ave types.”