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The five real-women statues in all of New York

September 29, 2011

Call it a statue gender imbalance: Out of the 150 or so historical statues in all five boroughs, only five depict real women.

They’re an eclectic bunch. Joan of Arc has been on her stallion in Riverside Park (at right) since 1915; Golda Meir went up at Broadway and 39th Street in 1984.

Gertrude Stein was immortalized in bronze in Bryant Park in 1992 (below). A pensive Eleanor Roosevelt has stood tall in Riverside Park since 1996.

And in 2008, Harriet Tubman was unveiled at 122nd Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard.

Of course, it makes sense that there’s a male-female statue ratio. Right or wrong, history tends to remember and honor individual men over women.

And most of these monuments were planned and dedicated decades, even a century ago.

It’s not like casts of the female form barely exist in New York. Thing is, they’re typically fictional characters (like Mother Goose and Alice in Wonderland in Central Park) or symbolic figures (such as the most famous of all, Lady Liberty).

Here’s the tragic story of one beautiful turn-of-the-century New York girl who posed for dozens of symbolic statues.