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Sad female faces on a prewar apartment house

July 3, 2010

These two grim-looking ladies decorate a fortress-like apartment building called Halidon Court at Broadway and 153rd Street.

Halidon Court hides a literary secret: It was the home of J.D. Salinger for the first nine years of his life, reports Harlem Bespoke.

“Come for a cocktail and stay for dinner”

July 4, 2008

Something about this ad, from the July 4, 1936 New Yorker, is really appealing right now on a hot, muggy night. The many Schrafft’s restaurants that dotted the city from 1917 to the 1970s were famous lunch and ice cream spots. Here they were chasing a grown-up, urbane customer.

Schrafft’s is immortalized in J.D. Salinger’s Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters. “There’s a Schrafft’s on 79th Street!” says a tired, thirsty female character stuck in traffic after an abruptly cancelled wedding. “Let’s go have a soda and I can phone from there! At least it’ll be air-conditioned!”

Today, 222 West 57th Street is Lee’s Art Shop. Vanishing New York has more Schrafft’s history, including the fate of an unusual Schrafft’s building on 13th Street and Fifth Avenue, here.