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A spooky Gothic skyscraper next to Trinity Church

October 13, 2014

Well, skyscraper by 1905 standards. That’s the year the 21-story Trinity Building finished construction.

Designed as a Neo-Gothic complement to Trinity Church on Lower Broadway, it’s loaded with gargoyles and creepy human faces, as well as fanciful gables and moldings topped by a gorgeous cupola.


This vintage postcard doesn’t reveal all the incredible detail on the facade, but it’s a nice look at Broadway in 1910, I’m guessing.

The cemetery next door is so tourist-free and green, it looks like a lawn. And hey, streetcars!

What Bowling Green looked like in 1907

October 5, 2011

Or close to 1907; that’s the date stamped on the back of this penny postcard.

The red Queen Anne beauty on the left at One Broadway is the 1885 Washington Building; it was remodeled in 1921 in the Beaux-Arts fashion and still stands today.

Teardrop-shaped Bowling Green has a fascinating history. In the 17th century it was a Dutch colonial cattle market and parade ground before becoming the city’s first public park in 1733, leased to nearby landowners who promised to pretty it up for “one peppercorn a year.”

The landowners added trees, a fence, and of course, an eponymous bowling green for the then-popular sport of lawn bowling.