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“Twilight in New York”

January 10, 2011

I’m not sure where this is, but Italian-American painter Alessandro Guaccimanni lived near Madison Square in the 1890s.

This ultra-fashionable neighborhood in Gilded Age New York is the setting of some of his other equally haunting and moody works. But it could be Union Square, even beside Central Park.

How the Honeymoon Gang terrorized 29th Street

December 1, 2010

In 1853, few city street gangs were as brutal as the Honeymoon Gang.

“Every evening the gang would place their men at each corner of Madison Avenue and 29th Street and attack every well-dressed citizen who came along,” writes Carl Sifakis in The Encyclopedia of American Crime.

“At midnight the Honeymooners’ ‘basher patrol’ would adjourn to a drinking establishment to spend a portion of the night’s ill-gotten gains.”

[Madison Cottage, right, in an 1852 sketch. It stood at Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street, near where the Honeymooners were bashing New Yorkers.]

These lowlifes were so violent, even Tammany politicians, who aided other gangs in the crime-riddled 1800s, refused to protect them.

Their downfall was New York police captain George W. Walling, who organized the first Strong Arm Squad—tough cops who basically beat gang members senseless.

After two weeks of vicious beatings, the Honeymooners disbanded.