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Harlem River Speed Racers

August 4, 2008

Horse and buggy racing was a popular pastime in late 19th century New York, and with this in mind, the city constructed the Harlem River Speedway, a 3-mile stretch of dirt road from 155th Street to Dyckman Street along the Harlem River.

Opened in 1898, it was a beautiful spot: the river on one side, rocky bluffs on the other, pedestrian lanes for spectators and walkers, and the gorgeous High Bridge in view.

Bicyclists were not permitted on the road back in the day, but that’s changed: The Speedway is now part of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, the city’s spectacular walking and cycling path around the perimeters of Manhattan.

The message on this postcard is sweet: “My dear Mrs. B, how would you like to take a spin in your auto?”